Take Advantage Of Photo Sites To Boost Traffic To Your Web Site

Sites such as Flickr and Instagram are widely renowned photo sharing websites. They enable users to store, share, and promote their photos. There are other benefits of visiting such sites aside from their primary photo-sharing function. One of the main perks to using a photo sharing site is that you can drive more visitors to your website. To do this successfully, here are some steps to follow.

Take Advantage Of Photo Sites To Boost Traffic To Your Web Site

Focus first of all on convenience to users. Let’s say someone is browsing through a photo sharing site for fishing pictures. In order to lure the surfer to your collection of images, create content specific albums where these photos can be stored. This means once that person searches for fishing albums, your site will pop up. Sorting out the albums according to their content will not only benefit users, but will also make it easier for you to manage and update the albums at any time.

Only post pictures that are of superior quality. No one likes staring at blurry images that appear to have been taken through the lens of a child’s camera. There are so many great pictures on the Internet that poor pictures are automatically associated with amateurs and disregarded. You will not just lose out on potential visitors for your site, but will also tarnish your online image. Only choose photos that are not blurry and are crisp and clear. You should also select photos that are interesting and entertaining to those whom you wish to filter through to your main site. For example, a site that is centered on doggy daycare should feature humorous or adorable photos of puppies and dogs. The quality and theme of the photos will drive interested traffic to your main site.

A vanity URL is another way of boosting your photo page’s online presence. Vanity URLs are fancy domain names that accurately describe the content of the page they link to. During the assembly of your albums on photo-sharing sites, adapt the use of vanity URLs.

The use of them will improve your online presence. For instance, people will be more likely to remember your URL link if it is something creative, yet directly related to what you offer. A vanity URL link will also help you to increase the rankings of your page, especially if it is built with strong keywords.

For example, a URL that reads www.diygraphicdesigns.com/1134gA2 is not going to improve your results on search engines or help on-site users find your photos. On the other hand, with a URL such as www.diygraphicdesigns.com/topbeachphotos, people searching for pics of beaches will immediately click on your link.

There is still more to be done after uploading your photos. Standing alone doesn’t do much for your albums or your business. Stay active in user groups on photo sharing sites related to your niche. You will soon make a name for yourself in your target niche as long as you continue to share good quality shots.

Choosing a group is similar to targeting your traffic. The niche group includes many others who have a similar interest in your niche. Therefore, anyone who visits your group and clicks through to your site will not have ended up there as a random accident. Intentional visitors are far more likely to become subscribers or customers than are accidental visitors.

Add relevant tags to your photos. Tags are used to link your pictures to specific subjects or interests and are made up of keywords. Viewers can find tagged photos much more quickly than untagged. Wise tagging will draw more viewers to your albums, and eventually your site if you link properly.

Photo sharing sites offer immense opportunities for finding potential customers which should not be ignored. Popular photo sharing sites have nearly a million weekly visitors. By increasing your visibility on these sites as well as interacting with other members, you can attract many new potential clients to your main site at no cost.

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