Online Videos Provide Great Results To Internet Entrepreneurs

In order for your online business to stay competitive, it is vitally important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques. One such trend is online videos, which are excellent promotional tools. They can be used effectively to enhance a traditional site. Videos can set you apart from you competition and give you an edge over them.

Online Videos Provide Great Results To Internet Entrepreneurs

Using videos helps to draw in your prospects and hold their interests. They are mesmerizing. Customers faced with a page full of text might quickly lose interest before you can explain to them the benefits of your service. Most people, however, will stay on a site long enough to watch a video, particularly if their only active involvement is clicking play.

Videos have proven time and again to be effective at keeping visitors on your site. In an online world full of competition, you need something better than the typical sales page to get yourself noticed. A video is the tool to make that happen. Videos add a level of credibility that many sites do not have. People who build throw-away sites are unlikely to spend time creating a professional looking video.

Some visitors will take the time to read through the text on your site. Most visitors, however, are not that ambitious or committed. Therefore, they will likely click away from the site before you have had a chance to convey the most important points about your company, product, or service. With the video’s ability to stop people in their tracks, you can share your most pertinent information before the visitors click away. With it, you can quickly demonstrate products, outline the site, or explain your service. Hopefully, in that short time your audience will have absorbed enough information about your site to want to sign up or become a regular visitor.

Because there are many competitors on the market, consumers will only spend money at sites where they feel comfortable. If people have not already made somewhat of a connection with your site or product, they are less likely to sort through pages of text. Because of the high-interest nature of videos, people who are not committed to a product or site are more willing to watch than to read. This gives you the opportunity to make them feel comfortable with your site and business, an important first step.

You can further the intimacy level by using a video to present yourself or your business to the public. Viewers have a chance to “meet” you as a real person and begin to feel comfortable with you and trust you. Also, people who view your product in action on a video feel more comfortable making a purchase, because seeing is believing.

Web marketers are pushing the intimacy level of the video to an extreme. Interactive videos connect viewers to the action by letting them select which path the video will take. Some video designers use augmented reality to allow a realistic, almost hands-on interaction with videos.

Step it up a little. Draw people in and give them something to keep them on your site with a video. You will see higher traffic and more customers as a result of your videos. Now get out there and get it done.

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